Finding the best printer means finding a companion for anyone who works from computer to paper. There are undoubtedly a lot of brands in the market, but you need to know which one will serve you right. If you are hoping to buy a new printer, here are a few tips which will point you in the right direction.

What Workload Will the Printer Handle?

The workload is mainly about how much work the printer will be doing in a day. This is determined by whether it is an office or a family printer, and the industry it is going to serve. The more work, the bigger the printer you will need, meaning the higher the budget as well. The opposite is also true.

How Much Room Has Been Put Aside for It?

Some desktop printers tend to be cheaper, and are sometimes multipurpose, with a scanner as well. Office printers probably need more space, though you can still find capable small sized printers for office use. The area can also determine whether you should go for a wired or wireless option because of the flexibility of the technology used.

What’s Your Budget?

Multipurpose printers are more expensive than stand-alone printers. Your budget will determine the kind of brand you will choose since more reliable brands tend to have more pricey printers. However, as much as they may cost you a few more cents, they are long-lasting and repairing them is easier, given that they come with a one to two years warranty.

What Kind of Output Do You Wish to Achieve?

Are you an office secretary or a photographer? Both need printers regularly in their working environment, but they might not necessarily need the same type. A photographer should go for printers which are specialized for photo printing, while a secretary should opt for one which brings out different fonts clearly.


Note that the most important part of buying a printer is to make sure that it serves its purpose, and does not cost an arm and a leg in the process. Think of long term maintenance as well, to make smarter printer choices.