While most people are more comfortable gaming using bigger screens and a desktop, every once in a while, you need a portable device which can help you play your favourite game anywhere and anytime you feel like. This is where a gaming laptop comes in handy. To find the best gaming laptop, here are some guiding tips.


The first thing you should consider in a gaming laptop is its GPU. Since it is not possible to upgrade this in future, as easy as you could increase storage space, you had better get it right, from the start. Nvidia has some of the most amazing graphics for gamers

What is the Battery Life?

Of course, the more portable a laptop is, the more likely it is not a good fit for a gaming experience. However, you need to look at flexibility in terms of battery life. A good one should at least get to eight hours after charging, which is okay since gaming consumes a lot of battery power.

Space Flexibility

Always look at a gaming laptop’s storage space and how easy it is to adjust it manually. If the space in your laptop is almost or entirely full, gaming will be a challenge, since your laptop will be slower. It might also cause your laptop to permanently crash if you are not careful. In today’s world, SSD technology is the in-thing thus opt for a laptop that has an SSD drive. If you are not a fan of external storage drives, consider using various cloud storage options. You also undoubtedly need to consider the capacity of expandable RAM slots, so that you are able to expand your RAM.

Touch Screen or Not

As much as it looks fancy to have a touch screen laptop, for a gamer, this is more of an unwelcome obstacle than an advantage. You will spend too much money only to have more battery consumption, yet you will not necessarily need it in any game.

Screen Resolution

Never go for a resolution less than 1920 by 1080. This makes your computer slow, especially with high-resolution games. You can at least get a good combination of speed and resolution, such as one with a 144hz speed. Also, a Ci7 processor should be your best pick. Anything less than that will not be able to handle the heaviness of most games.


The right gaming laptop should be able to take you for not less than two to three years of comfortable use. The above tips should help you achieve this goal.